Spike Lee and Late Prince Slapped With Infringement Lawsuit Over 'Girl 6' Title Song
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In his lawsuit against the 'BlacKkKlansman' director and the 'Purple Rain' hitmaker's estate, songwriter James Brandon claims that the main theme song for the 1996 film is a rip-off of his 'Phone Sex' track.

AceShowbiz - Spike Lee's 1996 film "Girl 6" has landed the Oscar winner in legal trouble over a song Prince recorded for the soundtrack.

Songwriter James Brandon claims the film's main theme is a rip-off of "Phone Sex", a 1993 track he wrote and recorded with his band GOMAB.

In legal documents obtained by TMZ, Brandon claims he met with Spike's Uncle Clarence, who promised to get the tune to the filmmaker. The plaintiff believes Lee and Prince heard his track and used it for the basis of their "Girl 6" song.

Brandon says he immediately heard similarities between his song and Prince's, like the trumpet arrangement and part of the vocal arrangement.

He is suing the Prince estate and Spike for all profits they made from the song.

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