Justin Theroux's Legal Battle With Neighbor Takes Nasty Turn With Domestic Abuse Allegations
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In response to the 'Wanderlust' actor's accusation, Norman Resnicow's wife provides a sworn statement claiming that her black eye was a result of a fall on a street near her work place.

AceShowbiz - Justin Theroux's legal dispute with his New York neighbour has become an all-out war after the actor suggested his rival's wife had been subjected to domestic abuse.

The "Zoolander" star has been locked in a two-year civil court fight with Norman Resnicow, who lives below Theroux's exclusive Greenwich Village apartment, after falling out over renovations the actor was having done to his home.

In December (2018), Jennifer Aniston's ex claimed Resnicow had violated a court-imposed restraining order by continuing to harass the star, and now Theroux has fired off another salvo as the case gets nastier.

According to a sworn statement obtained by the New York Post's Page Six, Theroux alleges he regularly hears Resnicow and his wife, Barbara, arguing, but one shouting match on February 10 became so heated, the 47-year-old felt it necessary to call the police.

Days later, Barbara was reportedly spotted by building officials sporting a black eye, and Theroux apparently suspects the injury may have been a result of the domestic fight he had overheard.

"Because my apartment is directly above the Resnicows' apartment, I have had the misfortune over the years of personally overhearing Mr. Resnicow frequently scream at and berate Mrs. Resnicow, with some of those instances resulting in calls to 911," the actor wrote.

"Although I cannot know for certain that Mrs. Resnicow's injury stems from the Sunday night altercation 2 and a half days earlier, I am bringing this to the Court's attention because, by all outward appearances, earlier attempts to go through the police have not been effective."

However, the Resnicows have responded to Theroux's allegations, denying any such violence had occurred.

In her own sworn statement, Barbara claims she tripped and fell on a street near her work place, which "resulted in a bruise" beneath her left eye. She also submitted the text message conversation she had had with her husband about her mishap as evidence to back up her side of the story, while she went on to accuse Theroux of simply trying to "gain an advantage in this litigation" by suggesting her husband had beaten her.

Norman has also fired back at his celebrity neighbour, explaining he frequently has to raise his voice at home because his wife is hard of hearing. He is demanding an apology from Theroux and his attorney, Eric Sherman.

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