Police Have Lifted Lockdown at Netflix's L.A. Headquarters Following Active Shooter Fears

After the tense situation, LAPD has confirmed that the suspect, a man with a gun, has been taken into custody.

AceShowbiz - Employees of Netflix were recently in a tense situation as they were forced not to enter or leave the company's L.A. headquarters following a report that a man with a deadly weapon was inside the building, resulting to a lockdown on Thursday, February 14. KTLA-TV reported that a former employee called in a former coworker, saying he had a gun and was on the company's Hollywood studio lot.

It was said that an active shooter was on a nearby rooftop, though security had smartly locked it down. The Los Angeles Police Department rapidly responded to the incident. A slew of LAPD officers as well as S.W.A.T. team reportedly gathered at the entrance of Sunset Bronson Studios, which is located near the intersection of Van Ness Avenue and Sunset Boulevard, to evacuate Netflix headquarters.

KTLA, which building is next to Netflix, further reported that LAPD officer Tony Im received "second hand" information about an armed suspect. Officers also instructed employees to "move to interior spaces" and away from windows.

However, following the search of the suspected gunman, police reportedly didn't find "immediate danger or threat to our employees." Netflix said in a statement, "We received a tip about a potential law enforcement incident. Police are conducting a sweep of the lot out of an abundance of caution. There is no immediate danger or threat to our employees. Feel free to share this information with your loved ones."

LAPD confirmed that the suspect had been taken into custody. The man had a gun, but no weapon has been recovered. Additionally, there have been no injuries reported. The lockdown has been lifted as of early evening.

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