Video: Bow Wow Gets Physical and Yells at Girlfriend Inside Elevator Before Arrest
WENN/Judy Eddy

The video footage surfaces around one week after the 'Like You' singer got arrested on misdemeanour battery charges for allegedly assaulting Leslie Holden in Atlanta, Georgia.

AceShowbiz - Newly released video footage shows Bow Wow yelling at and grabbing his girlfriend hours before they were arrested.

The "Like You" singer, also known by his birth name Shad Moss, was taken into custody in Atlanta, Georgia after clashing with Leslie Holden on February 2. Both were charged with misdemeanour battery.

In video obtained by TMZ, the couple can be seen in an elevator in their apartment building shortly before Holden called the cops. The rapper is seen grabbing his girlfriend's arm, snatching something from her and yelling in her face.

Two other males are also seen in the elevator as Moss continues to berate Holden.

Shortly after the spat, she called police on the 31-year-old, claiming he attacked her, while Moss argued he had been the victim in the incident.

According to TMZ, the couple told police they were fighting because the rapper saw her talking to another man at a party.

Both Moss and Holden were held on $8,000 (£6,100) bond, and have since been released.

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