James Corden Offers Alicia Keys Grammy Hosting Advice While Parodying 'Shallow'

When the British host tells the songstress 'not to be scared' and 'act like you've been there,' she reminds him, 'You know I've won 15 times...'

AceShowbiz - Making sure that she won't screw up her hosting duties at the upcoming 61st Grammy Awards, Alicia Keys has asked for some advices from former emcee James Corden. What made it special was that she asked the British TV host while parodying Lady GaGa and Bradley Cooper's hit song "Shallow" from "A Star Is Born".

During their live rendition, which was aired in the Wednesday, February 6 episode of "The Late Late Show with James Corden", Alicia asked James to offer her some advices ahead of her upcoming gig. Still singing, he jokingly responded, "Comfy shoes/ After four hours, you'll find yourself drinking cheap booze/ Stealing from gift bags, a candle for free."

He then sang to Alicia, "Try not to be scared/ Act like you've been there," to which the songstress responded by reminding him, "You know I've won 15 times..." She also asked him what to do "if a speech goes long or I hate someone's song?" Answering her question, James rhymed, "The host has to be polite."

Despite the funny lyrics, the performance was really worth to watch thanks to Alicia's insane vocal range as she effortlessly mastered the notes and riffs that GaGa performed. Though the "Girl on Fire" singer believed James was better than her in terms of singing.

"First of all, Corden can sing," she told Entertainment Tonight of the 40-year-old comedian. "I said, 'What?' 'Cause at first, I was like, oh boy I'm gonna have to hold back and not make him look too bad. And then he was like, kind of blowing and he had harmonies and, in fact, he was better than me!"

She continued, "I was like, wait a minute, can I rehearse one more time? He's better than me. We definitely took our times and passed it off and found moments where we were like, wait maybe you should take this, maybe I should take this, it was really fluid."

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