Bow Wow's Girlfriend Tearfully Accuses Him of Hitting Her Repeatedly in Surfaced 911 Call
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Kiyomi Leslie additionally claims that the rapper and two of his friends locked her in a bedroom and took her phone away.

AceShowbiz - An audio file of the 911 call made on Saturday, February 2 when Bow Wow and his girlfriend, Kiyomi Leslie, were fighting has surfaced online. The copy, obtained by TMZ, revealed that the television personality was the one making the call, telling the operator that she had been assaulted by the rapper and that she was sitting in her jeep.

A distraught Leslie could be heard telling the operator that she escaped his apartment in order to make the call. "He was hitting me in places and he said that nobody is going to believe me," she claimed through tears. When the operator asked her if she needed any medical attention, Leslie said, "I don't feel like I do."

Leslie additionally claimed that cops showed up hours prior for a disturbance call, but at the time, Bow Wow and two of his friends allegedly locked her in a bedroom and took her phone away.

Another 911 call was made by the apartment building's manager who claimed a resident complained to her about the fight. The resident allegedly heard a male voice saying that he would "slap the f**k out of this b***h." The manager herself noted that she heard throwing and running noises from his apartment.

Bow Wow and Leslie were arrested for battery over the weekend after cops were unable to determine who started the fight. According to a police report, Leslie claimed that her rapper beau "hit her in the head, pulled her by the hair, dragged her from her bedroom... and told her to get the hell out." She also claimed to have broken three ribs during the fight.

In his defense, Bow Wow stated that Leslie also attacked him. She allegedly threw a nightstand lamp at him when he told her to leave their house and put her bags by the door. The lamp fortunately missed him, but she still scratched his face. His attorney additionally claimed that Leslie star "bit him on his side and spit on him while Bow Wow continually made effort to avoid her."

Bow Wow was released on $8,000 bond after the arrest. The case is still ongoing.

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