Matthew Lewis Calls Fans 'Dope' for Assistance in Finding Stolen Wallet

A few days before, the 'Harry Potter' actor puts out on his social media a public plea to those who found his wallet to return wife Angela Jones' note that he engraved on a piece of metal.

AceShowbiz - "Harry Potter" star Matthew Lewis has thanked his fans after his stolen wallet was returned following a plea on social media.

On Tuesday, January 22, the 29-year-old, who is best known for playing Neville Longbottom in the movie franchise, revealed to his followers that his wallet had been stolen in east London on Monday, and he pleaded with the thief to return the note from his wife Angela Jones that he had engraved on some metal.

On Friday, Lewis announced that his wallet had been returned and heaped praise on his fans for helping his cause.

"Wow. You guys are dope. Really humbled by this response," he tweeted. "And guess what I have? My wallet! I did not expect that to happen. I owe you all a debt of gratitude and can't thank you all enough. You're amazing. This is a good day."

In his original tweet, Lewis told the thief that they could keep his money, cards and the wallet itself as long he got the priceless item back.

"Yo, if you stole my wallet in East London yesterday or even if you just found it: it's yours, keep it, have the money, the cards, the lot," he wrote. "But the note from my wife engraved on a piece of metal, if you can post that to the address on the driving licence I'd call it evens. Please?"

Lewis married Jones in May (18).

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