A. J. McLean to Step Back From 'Overconsuming' Social Media for Family

In his video announcement, the Backstreet Boys member assures fans that he will still be posting photos and videos with the assistance of his amazing team.

AceShowbiz - Backstreet Boys star A.J. McLean has kicked off 2019 by pledging to dial down his social media presence.

The singer fears he spends too much time checking out Instagram and Twitter, so he is going to take a step back.

In a video clip posted to his Instagram account on Tuesday, January 15, A.J. said, "I'm sure you guys are all wondering what in the world is going on with A.J.'s Instagram. Well, I'm here to let you know it's a new year. I'm doing a reboot of my Instagram account."

"Social media has become a little too overconsuming for me and I want to focus more on my family, my friends and life in general and not let social media control me and my time - my valuable time with my kids especially."

McLean went on to explain that "an amazing social media team" will be updating his account, adding, "don't worry, I'll still be posting lots of videos and pictures and you guys will still be able to keep up with me and know what's going on."

Meanwhile, the pop star tells Entertainment Tonight his wife and two daughters are helping him stay sober and straight after years spent battling drug and alcohol abuse.

"They're (daughters Lyric and Ava) my everything, them and my wife, so, I would never in a million years want to let them see me drunk or high or dead or in jail," he explains. "I want to walk both my girls down the aisle... when they're 35! As long as I can hold off on boys, I'm going to hold off on boys!"

And A.J. is keen to help others with abuse and addiction issues - he's developing a product to assist those trying to overcome their struggles.

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