Melody Thornton Spills 'Pretty Bad' Fall on Her Face During 'Dancing on Ice' Rehearsal

Aside from talking about the downside of learning to figure skate, The Pussycat Dolls member also shares her worry that she will disappoint on the competition because she is not a dancer.

AceShowbiz - The Pussycat Dolls' Melody Thornton accidentally fell on her face while rehearsing for an ice skating competition show.

The American singer-songwriter is one of the contestants on the eleventh series of U.K. television series "Dancing on Ice", and has been teamed with professional partner Alexander Demetriou.

While Melody is thoroughly enjoying learning how to figure skate, she has shared that it isn't always smooth sailing on the ice and she even hit her face on one occasion.

"The unexpected falls are the worst and I fell on my face - that was pretty bad," she told WENN, adding that she was grateful not to suffer any injuries. "Right at the beginning, everyone explains to you that there will be falls that you see coming and then there will be falls that you do not see coming. And when it happens, it's like getting stabbed, you know? It's just a shock. It's awful and when you realise what happened you're like, 'I'm on the ice! I fell, I fell!'"

Melody stayed in the U.K. over the Christmas break to work on her skating, and while some fans of the contest have speculated that she may have an advantage on the ice due to her background with The Pussycat Dolls, who were known for their high-energy dance routines, she insisted that this simply isn't the case.

"I don't want anyone to be disappointed in me, but I'm not a dancer. I am primarily a vocalist. If you go back and watch Pussycat Dolls' performances or music videos, I'm always in the back of the line-up because I hadn't done a dance class a day in my life before joining the group," the 34-year-old commented, adding that all the other contestants, including Westlife singer Brian McFadden and TV presenter Saira Khan, have performance experience. "(We) know how to turn it on for the camera because we're all experienced performers in different ways. In the same way that Saira has her experience on (U.K. chat show) Loose Women and how she keeps herself from getting nervous, I can use my experiences in the Dolls."

Melody noted that she hasn't had the chance to scope out all of her "Dancing on Ice" competitors as she is so focused on nailing her own routine.

And she hasn't reached out to former bandmates Ashley Roberts or Kimberly Wyatt - who have both previously appeared on different U.K. reality TV shows - for advice because she wants to have the experience "for myself".

"I'm glad that I don't have anyone telling me, 'Expect this or expect that.' Then you'll be sat there waiting for it to happen. This is much better. (You've got to) live it yourself and enjoy it!" she smiled.

The next episode of "Dancing on Ice" airs in the U.K. on Sunday, January 13.

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