Sandra Bullock Confesses How Motherhood Affects Her Career Choices

Though admitting that she is very limited with what she can do because of her two children, the 'Bird Box' star claims that it might change when they become teenagers.

AceShowbiz - Motherhood has forced Sandra Bullock to make major career changes.

The Oscar-winning star of record-breaking new Netflix movie "Bird Box" admits everything from plots and scripts to movie locations and schedules have turned upside down now she's a mum of two adopted kids, Louis and Laila.

"Motherhood has changed everything," she says. "It's made some things really trivial and things that never affected me on a script now have such power over me."

"I am very limited with what I can do now. I don't leave home when the kids are in school unless it's something really special and they can come with me for a short period of time. Otherwise it's summer. So I don't work anymore unless it's about the kids. That might change later on once they turn teenagers and they hate me and I hate them: 'Momma's going to Spain to do a movie!' But then I'm gonna beg them to come with me because I cannot leave them."

But she has discovered that film sets are not terrible places for kids, especially if they have an interest in movies - and she loved having her kids with her as she played a desperate mum trying to survive an apocalyptic event in "Bird Box".

"They were on set the whole time," she explains. "You have children, bring 'em. That's what craft service (complimentary food table) is for!"

Sandra is receiving rave reviews for her first Netflix movie, which was watched by over 45 million people in its first week on release, breaking Netflix streaming records.

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