Internet Is Split on Whether Grover Drops F-Bomb on 'Sesame Street'

In a viral video, the blue furry old monster from the hit children show is seen talking to fellow Muppet Rosita when he allegedly cusses out.

AceShowbiz - 2018 is about to end, but internet sparks a whole new "what color the dress really is" debate. This time, it involves a lovable character from "Sesame Street" who allegedly drops an F-bomb in one episode.

The viral video features Grover, the blue furry old monster from the hit children show, talking to fellow Muppet Rosita. In the video, Grover can be seen saying, "Yes, that sounds like an excellent idea!"

However, some others claim that they hear it as, "Yes, that sounds like a f***ing excellent idea!"

"I hear Grover swearing. I don't believe Grover actually swore," a confused fan tweets. "I'm confused and will need some time with my thoughts as I try to figure this out."

YouTuber Evan Edinger also joins in the conversation as he writes, "Just saw this on Reddit and it blew my mind." He continues, "Grover saying, 'yes, that's a f***ing excellent idea' or 'yes, yes that sounds like an excellent idea.' I can hear both depending on which one I'm thinking in my head!"

Meanwhile, another person attempts to end the debate as s/he believes that Grover "is saying 'that sounds like an excellent idea.' "

This whole thing may remind you of the "Yanny vs. Laurel" debate that divided people earlier this year. Internet is split on what name they hear in a video featuring a computerized voice saying one of the two names.

The debate "is starting some real fights," said Houston Texan JJ Watt at that time. Another Twitter user revealed, "My wife heard yanny. I hear laurel. How is it possible that people can hear one word or the other? What's the science behind that?"

For the Grover F-bomb debate though, it may be easily ended once the show provides fans with the actual script of the said episode.

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