Brigitte Nielsen Hopes to Make a Return to Marvel Universe With Villain Role

Having portrayed superhero Red Sonja back in 1985, the 'Creed II' actress doesn't rule out any possibility of her joining any Marvel movie in the future only if she gets to be bad.

AceShowbiz - Brigitte Nielsen is eager to return to the Marvel Universe as a villain.

The actress starred as warrior "Red Sonja" in 1985 and while she has no desire to reprise the role in a reboot, she does want to be part of another superhero movie.

"I want to scream out to everybody, 'I am part of the Marvel universe!' I love the Marvel characters and I want to be back," she tells The Hollywood Reporter.

"I see myself in another Marvel story playing the villain where I can just kick butt and just totally scare the crap out of all of you," she adds. "But I'll take anything. I feel like there's a lot of excitement with a villain. You can go many, many places. If you're the good person, you better be good. It's good to be bad."

Brigitte is currently experiencing a bright spot in her career after revisiting her role as Ludmilla Drago in "Rocky" spinoff "Creed II". The actress makes a small cameo in the movie, but she is thrilled she was able to be part of the project after starring in "Rocky IV" in 1985.

"It was so unexpected," she says. "I had to pinch myself because to bring back Ludmilla Drago after 33 years is just about impossible, so I was very emotional."

"The fans were ecstatic," she adds. "They wanted Ludmilla there at all costs, whether it was 20 seconds, a minute, two or an hour. From what I've heard, everybody's super happy about it and I, obviously, am happy."

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