Fans Are Convinced Ariana Grande Sings About Mac Miller on 'Imagine'

Many are speculating that she sings about the late rapper as the songstress says that the song is about a 'simple, beautiful love that is now (and forever) unattainable.'

AceShowbiz - Considering that Ariana Grande once said that her album would revolve around her past relationships, it comes as no surprise if she dedicates one song to Mac Miller. And that's what fans are thinking when the pop superstar released her new single "Imagine" on Thursday, December 13.

The romantic ballad finds Ariana dreaming about a world where she and her lover can act like a normal couple without minding what others say. "Imagine a world like that/ We go like up 'til I'm sleep on your chest/ Love how my face fits so good in your neck," she sings over the dreamy melodies. "Why can't you imagine a world like that?/ Imagine a world like that."

Following the release of the song, many have started speculating that the song might really be about the late rapper. After all, she once said that the song is about a "simple, beautiful love that is now (and forever) unattainable." Further fueling the speculation, some pointed out that Mac had an "imagine" tattoo on his arm.

"I definitely got that Ariana was reminiscing the past with Mac and how he was legit her souls mate... she said it was denial... this is her denying that Mac is no longer alive n that's breaking my heart," one fan wrote. "mac and ariana were soulmates and the proof is in 'imagine'," another convinced fan tweeted.

It's yet to be known whether the song is really about Mac.

Besides releasing the new song, Ariana announced that her "Thank U, Next" album would contain 13 tracks. "We're finalizing these mixes and arrangements now," she previously gave an update on the album. "I'm very happy with all of it. Lots of strings so. You know me. My heart meltsss."

The album is expected to be released next year.

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