Lindsey Buckingham Opens to Fleetwood Mac Return If Asked
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Having settled his lawsuit against the Stevie Nicks-led band, the former guitarist explains that he would love to give fans a proper farewell tour.

AceShowbiz - Lindsey Buckingham has reassured Fleetwood Mac fans he would return to the band for a farewell tour if he was invited.

The singer and guitarist recently settled a lawsuit over his dismissal from the group earlier this year, revealing ex-bandmate Christine McVie had emailed him to suggest his return could be a possibility, and now Lindsey has confirmed he will rejoin Fleetwood Mac if he's asked.

"It's Fleetwood Mac, anything's possible," he tells Stereogum. "If they ask me to come back, would I? Sure, because, to me, I think the lack of a proper farewell tour, if that's what we're doing, that doesn't undercut, like I say, the legacy that we have so carefully built as the five of us, which they're not doing right now."

His former bandmates recruited Mike Campbell and Neil Finn to replace Buckingham and the group is currently back out on tour.

Lindsey admits he's not a big fan of the current set up, adding, "I don't know what they're doing. It's a cover band kind of deal."

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