Here's the Crazy Reason 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' Score Is Disqualified From Oscars
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While music for 'Green Book', 'Mandy' and 'The Other Side of the Wind' has also been disqualified for various reasons, 'Solo' score loses its chance to compete at the 2019 Academy Awards for the silliest reason.

AceShowbiz - While it's normally upsetting when a good work is snubbed at an award show, the reason why "Solo: A Star Wars Story" score won't get a chance to compete at the 2019 Academy Awards will leave fans baffled. According to Variety, music for the Disney movie is deemed ineligible for the nominations because someone missed a deadline.

Yes, you read it right. The deadline to submit the score to be considered was November 15 and someone clearly forgot to submit the music, which was composed by John Powell with themes by John Williams, in time. While the culprit is yet to be revealed, it's safe to assume that the Disney employee responsible for submitting the score has got a stern warning from her/his boss for the stupid mistake.

Other scores which are deemed ineligible for the race are music for "Green Book", "Mandy" and "The Other Side of the Wind". The "Green Book" score won't get nominated "because of the prominence of the source music in the movie - primarily the Don Shirley piano trio pieces played throughout the film. Don Shirley, a jazz musician, is the real-life inspiration for the film and is portrayed by Mahershala Ali. Kris Bowers, who composed the original score, attempted to honor the late pianist by transcribing and performing Shirley's music himself, but it cost him an Oscar nod.

"Mandy" ruled itself out of Oscar nominations as it broke Academy rules. The movie starring Nicolas Cage was released on VOD before it completed its qualifying run, making its music that marked the last work of the late Icelandic composer Johann Johannsson never considered for an Oscar.

"The Other Side of the Wind", the last film by Orson Welles, features Michel Legrand's original score. It is deemed ineligible for a reason similar to "Green Book", because of "the considerable amount of source music he did not compose, mostly songs heard in the background during the film's lengthy party sequence."

Voting for the nominations ends on December 11 and the nominations will be announced on December 17. The winners will be revealed in a live ceremony held on February 24, 2019.

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