Lili Reinhart Hopes to Stay Away From High School Characters Post-'Riverdale'
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The actress who made her big break as Betty Cooper on the teen drama series opens up in a magazine interview that she looks to do dramatic films to show her range as an actor.

AceShowbiz - Lili Reinhart predicts her future career will be full of movie roles.

The star, who shot to global fame playing Betty Cooper in TV series "Riverdale", has dabbled in film work before, but is so far best known for her work on the small screen.

That's not to say she doesn't have box office ambitions though.

"I see myself hopefully doing a lot of feature films and playing roles that are not high school characters, I'm definitely right now... looking at other projects to do in the future," she teased to Vogue Australia. "I'm very much staying away from high school-based characters and scripts because I play a high school student for nine months out of the year, I don't want to play... I don't want to do another high school story."

She added that for her to grow as a performer, she needs to seek out more adult roles.

Season three of "Riverdale" began screening in October, but a fourth series is yet to be confirmed by bosses at U.S. network The CW.

When the time does come for 22-year-old Lili to move away from the show, she knows which path she'd like to take.

"I feel like I'm more drawn to things that are very dramatic, you know, slow, and kind of have a slow burn and take their time, because I want to show my range of what I can do as an actor," she said.

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