Two months after welcoming his first child with actress Zoe Kazan, the 'Love and Mercy' star is looking forward to spending the holidays with the baby girl.

AceShowbiz - America's Thanksgiving holiday has a whole new meaning for actor Paul Dano this year, now he is a father.

The "There Will Be Blood" star and his actress girlfriend, Zoe Kazan, welcomed a daughter in August, and he has been looking forward to spending his first holiday with his little girl for weeks - because he knows it will be special.

"Time has a completely new meaning, Thanksgiving has a completely new meaning," he told U.S. chat show "The Talk". "Christmas is going to have a completely new meaning."

Dano and Kazan have been private about their relationship and the baby's birth, but last month the actor opened up about his fatherhood joy, telling U.S. late night host Jimmy Fallon, "I'm so tired and I'm so in love."

"It's so extreme. Your heart has gone, like, supernova in one sense. And then we landed from London last week and she cried for, like, 24 straight hours, and you kind of just want to walk through a wall. It's crazy."

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