Besides the funny cheating scene, the visuals for their Christmas duet is filled with cute moments of the power couple.

AceShowbiz - If there is one word that best describes Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani's "You Make It Feel Like Christmas" music video, that will be cuteness. Making its way out on Tuesday, November 20, the visuals is filled with cute moments of the power couple as they prepare for Christmas day.

It starts off with Blake and Gwen driving down the road after buying their Christmas tree. What seems like a calm drive soon turns into disaster after insects start flying around the country singer, making it hard for him to drive. As a good girlfriend, Gwen tries to help him shoo away the disturbance, but it only creates more chaos.

Another scene shows the lovebirds belting out the song along with a cute backup band behind them. Once they hit the chorus of the song, a group of children clad in Santa Claus costume join them all of sudden, confusing Blake. Meanwhile, Gwen gets used to it immediately as she continues dancing like nothing happens.

There are also scenes of them building snowman and preparing their Christmas dinner. Looking at her girlfriend struggle to put the final touch on their turkey, Blake offers to help. However, it only makes the No Doubt singer annoyed as she throws food at his direction. And that is how a food war between them launches.

The end of the music video sees Gwen getting cozy with Santa Claus, only to get find out by Blake in the end. Understandably upset, "The Voice" coach humorously dumps his Christmas decoration and storms out of the room. Gwen finds his action really funny because she can only laugh after that.

"You Make It Feel Like Christmas" is the title track off Gwen's Christmas album which was released last year. She recently unveiled a deluxe version of the holiday effort.

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