Paz de la Huerta Accuses Harvey Weinstein of Raping Her Twice in Lawsuit
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In her legal action against the disgraced producer, the former 'Boardwalk Empire' star claims that she got fired from the period drama series after refusing to participate in a threesome with him.

AceShowbiz - Actress Paz de la Huerta has launched a sexual assault lawsuit against Harvey Weinstein.

Last year, the "Boardwalk Empire" star alleged the producer raped her twice in 2010 - once after he agreed to give her a ride back to her apartment following a party.

She then revealed the disgraced movie boss started calling her after the alleged rape and she confronted him a month later at a Los Angeles hotel. She also claimed Weinstein showed up in the lobby of her apartment building weeks later and raped her again when she was drunk.

According to TMZ, the actress has now launched legal action against Weinstein and in her filing she reveals she had a third run-in with Harvey in 2011, when he allegedly exposed himself to her in his Four Seasons hotel room in Beverly Hills before asking her to participate in a threesome with him and another woman. She rejected his request and left the room.

Paz insists Weinstein acted in a retaliatory manner after she rejected him and it led to her being fired from "Boardwalk Empire". She claims she has lost out on $55 million (£42.4 million) in earnings because of him and is suing for assault, sexual battery and emotional distress. She is also going after bosses at the now-defunct The Weinstein Company and the Four Seasons.

Police officials were looking into Paz's claims, but it is unclear where the investigation stands.

Weinstein is facing multiple criminal charges for sexual assault in New York and Los Angeles following a series of exposes last year, when he was accused of misconduct and assault by over 50 women. He has denied all allegations of non-consensual sex.

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