New Orleans Band Begs Christina Aguilera to Come Back After Rejecting Her Offer to Sing
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Days after the 'Fall in Line' singer recalled the snubbed during her Louisiana concert, the frontman of Claude Bryant and the All Stars comes forward to apologize for not recognizing her.

AceShowbiz - A member of a Louisiana band has invited Christina Aguilera to join them onstage after they snubbed her offer to sing with them at a recent show.

Last week, ends November 09, the "Beautiful" hitmaker asked Claude Bryant & the All Stars if she could join them onstage at the Cafe Negril in New Orleans, but the frontman strangely turned down her request.

Christina went public with her disappointment during her concert at The Saenger Theater on Friday, telling fans, "I go to this little bar and there's this live band playing, and I was with a couple of my dancers and I was just like, 'Let me just get up on stage and jam with this guy. Maybe I'll sing a song or whatever and be fun'."

"He would not give me the mic. He was, like, a little older and he was just like, he was not feeling it. He was not gonna give up his mic. I was like, 'Oh, I just want to come just let me come up', and he just said, 'What, are you gonna dance for me?' I was like, 'No, I just want to sing a song with you'."

"So I was like, 'OK I'll just save it for tomorrow, then. It's alright, it's all good'," she added. "He was like, 'Don't hurt yourself!' I was like, 'OK. This is just - you're not feeling me. It's OK. I'm just gonna depart ways. Be on my little merry way. Find somewhere else to go'."

However, Bryant is now insisting he didn't recognise Aguilera and would have loved to have her join him for a duet.

"I'm sorry Christina, I just didn't recognise you," he told "I didn't recognise her because she had a cap over her head and over her eyes. She was in a jersey. She didn't introduce herself to me, but she had very soft hands and that got my attention."

"I asked her if she wanted to dance and she said that she wanted to sing. I started playing the beginning riff of the song, 'No, No, No,' by Bob Marley but then her bodyguard picked her up off the stage, and she left. Come back Christina. You can sing anything you want with us."

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