Lady GaGa Tears Up in 'I'll Never Love Again' Music Video
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The music video is exclusively released on Apple Music, but fans can watch a preview of the visuals through the singer's social media accounts.

AceShowbiz - "A Star Is Born" closing power ballad has gotten a music video treatment. Lady GaGa shared the visuals for "I'll Never Love Again" on Friday, October 19 exclusively on Apple Music, but fans could watch a preview of the clip through her social media accounts.

Similar to other music videos for the soundtrack, it features footage from the blockbuster film which follows GaGa's Ally and Bradley Cooper's Jackson Maine on their romantic, musical journey. There is also a scene of Ally performing the song in a blue gown while being surrounded by the audience, tearing up as she displays her stunning vocal performance.

"Don't wanna feel another touch/ Don't wanna start another fire/ Don't wanna know another kiss/ No other name falling off my lips," she sings. "Don't wanna give my heart away/ To another stranger/ Or let another day begin/ Won't even let the sunlight in/ No, I'll never love again."

Written by GaGa along with Hillary Lindsey, Natalie Hemby and Aaron Raitiere, "I'll Never Love Again" has a deep personal resonance for the songstress. In an interview with Zane Lowe of Beats 1, she recalled learning that her friend Sonja Durham, who had been battling cancer, was dying right before she filmed the scene where she sang the song.

"I didn't even stop to go see Bradley," she shared. "I just got in my car and started driving. And I missed her by 10 minutes." GaGa then returned to the filming set after being encouraged by her late friend's husband. "Bradley was so beautiful with me that day, he was so loving," she said of her co-leading star. "He was like, 'You don't have to do it too many times.' And I just was like, 'All I wanna do is sing.' "

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