Britney Spears' Lawyer Demands for Increase in Salary
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Court appointed co-conservator Andrew Wallet claims he deserves a big raise because he has managed to keep the 'Toxic' hitmaker away from drugs and increase her estate.

AceShowbiz - The lawyer responsible for Britney Spears' comeback is calling for a pay raise.

Court appointed co-conservator Andrew Wallet, who manages the pop star's finances and business affairs with her father Jamie Spears, has filed court documents requesting a pay increase to a whopping $426,000-per-year (GBP326,000).

He claims he's worth the money because he has kept Britney away from drugs and steered her career in the right direction for a decade.

Wallet alleges that when he started working for the pop star, she was struggling financially and had "tremendous liabilities". With his guidance and efforts, the Spears estate has increased by $20 million (GBP15.3 million).

He also claims he's responsible for identifying the "vendors, drivers, dancers, hairstylists, performers, etc," who could derail Britney's career "by providing illegal substances" to her on tour.

Wallet's raise request comes a day after Britney announced a new residency Las Vegas' Park Theater at Park MGM, and he makes it clear "the next several years promise to be very lucrative."

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