Disney Denies Threatening Bella Thorne Over Skimpy Bikini

The rebuttal comes hot on the heels of the 'Midnight Sun' star's candid interview in which she claimed she almost lost her part on 'Shake It Up' for her deemed too inappropriate beachwear.

AceShowbiz - Actress Bella Thorne has upset her former Disney bosses by claiming they once threatened to fire her over a trip to the beach.

In a candid new interview with the Los Angeles Times, Bella alleges she almost lost her role on "Shake It Up" when she was 13 after celebrity blogger Perez Hilton suggested she was too young to wear a skimpy bikini.

She claims some Disney bosses took exception to the black bikini photos that hit the Internet, and deemed the beachwear inappropriate for her age.

However, a Disney Channel spokesperson insists Thorne's job was never threatened: "It would not be jeopardized merely over her bathing suit choice," the representative tells the Times, revealing that TV bosses did speak to the young actress and her parents about the photo.

In the at-home chat, Thorne also tells the Times she was broke when her Disney Channel series ended, and was forced to move in with her then-boyfriend.

Bella refuses to talk about where all her money went, but says, "I didn't think things were going to go down like that... Half of me is like, 'Come on, Bella. Look at your whole life. Don't be naive. You knew somewhere deep down inside things were not right.' "

She quickly became a social media sensation and now claims her earnings from online posts helped her pay for a $2 million (GBP1.5 million) home.

During her sit down with the publication, the actress also reveals she smokes marijuana to deal with intense emotions.

"I used to be super, super against weed," she says. "When I was 16, my boyfriend smoked weed and I would get so upset. I thought it was the devil's lettuce. I was always the really good two-shoes (sic), the one that was the teacher's pet in that annoying sense."

But she started using pot to get to sleep at night: "My mind is a scary place," she explains. "I can't leave myself alone too long. My mind goes to a weird place if I'm not at work all the time."

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