The president thinks Taylor 'doesn't know anything' about Republican Senate candidate Marsha Blackburn when she denounces her, while other conservatives say Taylor's making the wrong move.

AceShowbiz - President Donald Trump has spoken up after Taylor Swift broke her silence in politics. The 28-year-old singer/songwriter made a rare political statement on Sunday, October 7 to show her support for Democrats ahead of the upcoming midterm election.

On her Instagram post, the "Bad Blood" singer explained why she would not be voting for Republican Senate candidate Marsha Blackburn. Responding to this, President Trump told reporters outside the White House on Monday, "I'm sure Taylor Swift has nothing or doesn't know anything about her." He added that Blackburn is a "tremendous woman," despite what Taylor said about her.

Apparently also a fan of Taylor's music before she revealed her political affiliation, the president was clearly disappointed about her move. He said, "Let's say that I like Taylor's music about 25 percent less now, OK?"

Similar to Trump, some conservative pundits were upset about Swift's political statement. Michael McAdams, regional press secretary of the NRSC, suggested that the country-turn-pop superstar was making the wrong move. "If you haven't heard, multimillionaire pop star Taylor Swift came down from her ivory tower to tell hardworking Tennesseans to vote for Phil Bredesen," he said in a statement.

Some others urged Taylor to stay away from politics. Conservative nonprofit founder Charlie Kirk said on "Fox & Friends", "This is what I used to love about Taylor Swift, that she stayed away from politics. She's all about music, all about female empowerment."

"I don't want to accuse her of this," Kirk added, suggesting that some celebrities might voice their opinions without enough information and without careful consideration of the repercussions. Claiming that supporting Democratic Senate candidate Phil Bredesen doesn't reflect Swift's supposed feminism, Kirk said, "I don't think [Swift] is able to draw that distinction."

Bredesen has earlier thanked Swift for her support, while her liberal fans have praised her for using her celebrity status to advocate the importance of voting. Some Twitter users additionally mocked conservatives for their reactions to Swift's political statement.

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