Chris Hemsworth Scared His Children Won't Have Same Respect for Money
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Explaining why he feels gross about his wealth, the 'Thor' star shares his worry that his money will lead his three children with Elsa Pataky to feel they are somehow privileged.

AceShowbiz - Chris Hemsworth worries his financial success means his children won't appreciate "working hard for something".

The 35-year-old actor is one of the hottest stars in Hollywood, with roles in movies such as "Thor", "Ghostbusters (2016)" and "The Huntsman: Winter's War" under his belt. His success and ever-growing popularity means that Chris can earn millions for a film role, but the financial benefits of his job aren't something the Australian-born star enjoys.

"I feel gross about it (my wealth)," Chris told GQ Australia magazine. "I remember saving up for a surfboard when I was younger. The surfboard was 600 bucks and I saved up for a whole year with Dad's help. I didn't even want to surf on it for fear of damaging it. It taught me so many lessons about appreciation and working hard for something."

Chris has three children, six-year-old India and four-year-old twins Tristan and Sasha, with wife Elsa Pataky. And one thing he wants to ensure is that his offspring don't get complacent when it comes to money.

"When I think about my kids, I don't want them to miss that joy," he mused. "Elsa and I talk a lot about how we instill that same appreciation and respect for things. I don't want them to feel like they're privileged in any way. The fact that we have money and their parents are famous, that somehow they're special, that scares me because we grew up with no money."

When it comes to Chris' career, the actor has always chosen roles that allow him to be with his family as much as possible. And he admitted during the interview he often wonders how different his back catalogue would look if he didn't have to worry about his wife and children.

"I do wonder sometimes, if (Elsa and I) hadn't met, what my career would look like. Have I made decisions based on that? How has that influenced me? There's times when I've thought, 'Wow, because having kids is more important to me, some of my roles have suffered,' " he said. "There's definitely a couple of films I could've put way more energy into but I was like, 'No, I'd rather be with my kids.' "

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