'Venom' and Lady GaGa Fans at War Over Alleged Fake Reviews
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'Venom' fans accuse Little Monsters of spreading negative reviews about the anti-hero movie, while GaGa fans point their finger at DC fans.

AceShowbiz - Who would've guessed that Lady GaGa and Venom would find themselves in the same competition? As the singer's movie "A Star Is Born" and the Tom Hardy-starring flick are both scheduled to hit theaters on October 5, an online war is brewing between Little Monsters and Marvel geeks.

While the remake to the 1937 musical film has garnered boost, thanks to critics' praises following its screenings at several festivals, "Venom" has been trolled with negative reviews on Twitter. "Just got out of a Venom preview," one tweet read. "Thankfully it was free. Worst two hours of my life. I will be taking my life to see Lady GaGa's new movie A Star Is Born with Bradley Cooper on Friday. Their song Shallow is great."

However, some internet users noticed that some of the posts used the same exact wording. This has raised a suspicion that the negative reviews directed toward "Venom" are fake.

When BuzzFeed reached one of the accounts which shared the exactly same negative reviews, the administrator replied, "It's us Gaga fans creating fake IDs to trash the 'Venom' premiere. They both are getting released on the same day, so we want more audience for 'A Star Is Born.' "

While Marvel and Columbia Pictures have not responded to the alleged black campaign, "Venom (2018)" fans are using similar tactics to fight back. However, GaGa fans denied that they're behind these fake reviews.

A Twitter account dedicated to the 32-year-old pop star, instead, pointed their finger at DC fans. "Those are DC fans. They're trying to pin in it on us Lady Gaga fans. They're the one who started it. I know a big DC fan account who's making these troll accounts," the account posted.

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