Do Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly Stage Their Beef to Promote Albums? See Evidences
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Some fans point out that both 'Not Alike' and 'Rap Devil' are produced by Ronnie J, who also wrote the latter song.

AceShowbiz - The feud between Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly has been going on for some time, and fans are starting to wonder whether it is real or not. Many are now believing that the two rappers are actually staging their beef due to the connections that they share.

Some fans have pointed out that both Em and Kelly are signed to Interscope Records. Furthermore, Em's "Not Alike" and Kelly's "Rap Devil" are both produced by Ronnie J. The latter additionally has a writing credit on "Rap Devil". For those who don't keep up with their ongoing feud, Kelly slams the Detroit rapper on "Rap Devil" in response to the latter's diss at him on "Not Alike".

There are also fans who claim that their beef is meant to benefit both artists' album sales. Eminem just released his suprise album "Kamikaze", while Kelly's new EP "Binge" is scheduled to make its way out on September 21.

Their beef first started when Eminem slammed Kelly on "Not Alike" off "Kamikaze". Kelly then responded to his diss by releasing his own diss track "Rap Devil", before Slim Shady replied back with "Killshot". In response to the new diss song, Kelly made the audience at a Fall Out Boy concert posed for an anti-Eminem photo with him when he opened for the band. Wearing a T-shirt of "Killshot" artwork, Kelly flashed his middle fingers to the camera.

However, some audience members claimed that Kelly actually tricked them into posing for the photo as they didn't know that the image was meant to slam Em. "He was wearing a jacket when he asked the crowd if they would put up their middle fingers for a picture, he turned around to take the jacket off and they had no idea what shirt he was wearing," one concertgoer recalled.

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