Eva Mendes Gets Inspiration for Fashion Line From Her 'Stylist' Daughter

'Our four-year-old, Esmeralda, she dresses herself and comes up with some pretty interesting things,' she proudly says.

AceShowbiz - Eva Mendes is starting to draw inspiration for her women's fashion line from her young daughter after discovering her keen eye for stylish ensembles.

The actress and clothing designer reveals Esmeralda, her eldest child with boyfriend Ryan Gosling, has been having fun trying out different looks whenever she picks out her own wardrobe, and she once even rocked her pyjamas as an asymmetrical top.

"Our four-year-old, Esmeralda, she dresses herself and comes up with some pretty interesting things," Eva gushed on breakfast show "Good Morning America".

"Like, she'll just do the one sleeve (top), and we're like, 'Amazing!' It's just a one-sleeve jammy!"

Eva and Ryan's second child, two-year-old Amada, is also starting to develop an early sense of style, giving the Hitch star another source of inspiration as she continues to design pieces for her eponymous New York & Company line.

"It's so fun to see them kind of like, without any (direction), just to see what they do naturally (with clothing) is really exciting," Eva shared, "because I'm just mum when I'm with them."

The 44-year-old beauty has long been known for her effortlessly glamorous appearance, but these days, she leans towards wardrobe items which are more of the casual comfort variety - and she's added a few to her latest range for the Eva Mendes Collection.

"I have a two year old and a four year old now, (so) sometimes it's just a challenge to get dressed, so I brought in the tees (T-shirts)," she said.

And the Latin stunner's evolving style still gets the thumbs up from her beau Ryan, because he approves of everything she wears.

"Ryan's so sweet. He's so beautiful, he thinks everything looks great," Eva smiled.

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