The visuals features the five-piece group making their way through a luxurious mansion while singing about asking someone to hurry up and make a move.

AceShowbiz - Following the success of TTS, Girls' Generation has lined up a new sub-unit called Oh!GG. Consisting of Taeyeon, Sunny, Hyoyeon, Yuri and YoonA, the five-piece group has unveiled the music video for their debut single "Lil' Touch".

Considering that they have been in the music industry for years and have all grown up, it is understable that the girls showcase a more mature and sensual look in the visuals. It features them making their way through a luxurious mansion and portraying their own distinct looks. The song itself is about asking someone to hurry up and make a move.

"I just wanna kiss boy/ Warning I'm giving you ahead of time/ If you're just going to continue to play games/ I will be 'it' for you right away," Yuri sings, before YoonA continues with her own verse, "It's right now, my boy/ Don't hesitate/ Slowly follow me/ Now you can't run away anymore."

Talking about the name of their sub-unit during a live broadcast, Hyoyeon admitted that she was surprised at first upon knowing about the group's name. "I was taken aback at first, but there were a lot people who said it was really catchy the more you hear it." Yuri added, "I think it's a really witty name."

The fivesome also discussed their upcoming activities in support of their new single, including unveiling a new reality show titled "Girls for Rest". The upcoming show will follow the girls as they jet off to France for a vacation. "The weather was really nice," Hyoyeon said of their "healing experience" in the country. When asked to name one thing they liked during the trip, Sunny revealed, "I like the sea," while Hyoyeon said, "For me, it was the harbor. I think we're all thinking along the same lines."

"Girls for Rest" still doesn't have a premiere date.

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