John Krasinski Beats Stephen Colbert Up in 'Late Show' Sketch

The 'A Quiet Place' star makes an appearance on 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert' to talk about his upcoming Amazon series 'Jack Ryan'.

AceShowbiz - John Krasinski has proven his action hero ability in a hilarious TV comedy sketch.

The "A Quiet Place" star made an appearance on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" on Tuesday night (September 04) where he discussed how he plays the titular character in new Amazon series "Jack Ryan", which is based on Tom Clancy's book series.

During the chat, host Stephen contended that John will always be a comedy man at heart, due to his breakthrough role as Jim Halpert on sitcom "The Office".

"I guess you really are 'Jack Ryan' now. I mean, you know I'm a big fan, you're sweet, you're adorable," he said, adding: "You're a comedy guy, and comedy guys like you and me, we aren't meant to do 'action.'"

Stephen then joked that he was actually a runner-up for the lead role in 1998 action movie "Blade", but eventually lost out to Wesley Snipes, and then proceed to launch into a bit whereby he ordered John to do 10 push ups - which the 38-year-old performed perfectly.

"This is so awkward for everyone," the actor sighed, to which Stephen replied, "John, you just proved my point, a real action guy wouldn't do push ups just because I told him to. A real action guy would punch me in the face."

The 54-year-old removed his glasses and asked John to punch him, which he refused.

"That's what I thought, classic John Krasinski. You know who would've decked me right now? Harrison Ford. The real Jack Ryan."

John then proceeded to "beat up" the TV presenter, throwing punches and smashing into walls, with the scrap eventually ending up on the roof of the Ed Sullivan Theater.

In spite of the father-of-two's former "The Office" co-star, Ellie Kemper, making a guest appearance in a lift, the "fight" continued for minutes until John flashed his abs and proved his action hero status once and for all.

"Us comedy guys will never be like them, we will never be heroes, we're not allowed to be sexy," said Stephen, to which John then launched him off the side of the building and stated, "Goodbye old friend."

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