DJ Alesso admits despite the jet-setting lifestyle of a world-famous DJ, it can be painfully lonely at times.

AceShowbiz - The apparent suicide of dance superstar Avicii forced fellow DJ Alesso to seriously reconsider his schedule to avoid another tragedy.

The Wake Me Up hitmaker was found dead in Oman in April, and his loved ones subsequently suggested the 28 year old had taken his own life, revealing he "could not go on any longer" after trying to "find peace" in the lead up to his passing.

Avicii's loss rocked the music world, and the tragedy really hit home for Alesso, as the two Swedish electronic music stars had so much in common.

"It's a terrible, terrible loss, not just for the dance music world - I think the whole world knew who Avicii was," Alesso tells the New York Post.

"I see a lot of myself in him, 'cause we come from the same city, we went to the same school, we knew each other. We used to be close and then we both had our own careers."

The 27 year old, real name Alessandro Lindblad, admits the jet-setting lifestyle of a world-famous DJ may seem appealing, but there is a whole other side of the job few people actually recognise - and at times, it can be painfully lonely.

"People come up and say, 'Oh, you guys have the best life. You just tour all around the world, stay at fancy hotels, DJ and make money,'" he says. "But then we also experience pressure, and expectations, and stress and all these things."

"We're basically these guys staying at home making music in front of a laptop, not being that social," Alesso adds.

The heartbreaking news of Avicii's death shocked him so much, he had to "start rethinking" how he would handle his busy schedule going forward in an effort to protect his mental wellbeing.

Alesso is hoping to shed a little light on mental health awareness as he pays a special tribute to Avicii on Sunday, September 02, when he joins forces with Tiesto to close out this weekend's Electric Zoo dance music festival in New York City.

Fellow headliners for the 10th anniversary of the three-day event, which kicked off on Friday, include Marshmello, Martin Garrix and Kaskade.

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