Mama June Gains Weight Again After Losing 300 Pounds

The 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' star previously weighed 150 pounds, but now she's back at 200 pounds.

AceShowbiz - June Shannon a.k.a. Mama June talked about her struggle with body weight during the Friday night, August 17 episode of "Mama June: From Not To Hot". During the interview session, the reality TV star confessed that she gained 50 pounds after losing 300 pounds in April. She also encouraged audience to love themselves no matter who they are.

"You've got to love yourself no matter who you are," the 39-year-old told coaches on the show, before revealing, "I was 350 pounds to 150 pounds and now I'm back up to 200 pounds. People just need to learn who they are."

Mama June debuted her amazing body transformation in one of the episodes of the show after a series of surgeries on April 1. "It makes me feel really good to show other people this is what I've always thought of myself and that my inside hadn't changed, like my giving and outgoing and loving personality that was there when I was there," she said. "It's just a little bit more out there."

June's daughter Alana Thompson a.k.a. Honey Boo Boo was happy for her mother's transformation as she said, "I'm really proud of her. She looks great."

After undergoing a surgery to remove skin from her neck, arms, back and stomach, June followed the keto diet to keep her weight. "I've tried the keto diet, and it's not that bad. It's like, cheese, eggs, protein, meat. And you honestly lose weight with that," she explained in an interview with BUILD Series. "That's what I've been going back to, and I've started losing a couple pounds. But it actually, really works."

However, June claimed that she didn't show up to the interview to teach people how to lose weight. "I'm not here to tell people how to diet, because everyone's different, but I know what has worked for me," the TV personality said. "I think people just don't need to give up, and I think that's what happens with a lot of diets nowadays. I've done that."

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