Dennis Rodman Joins Pearl Jam Onstage at Wrigley Field
WENN/Tai Urban/Derrick Salters

During the brief appearance, the former basketball star also expresses his desire to one day be buried in Chicago.

AceShowbiz - Former basketball star Dennis Rodman returned to Chicago, Illinois on Saturday, August 18 to make a surprise appearance onstage with Pearl Jam.

The eccentric sportsman, who used to play for the Chicago Bulls, was invited to share the spotlight with the rockers as they headlined Wrigley Field, and he used the opportunity to thank the crowd for apparently supporting his efforts to ease tensions between America and North Korea.

Rodman, who struck up an unlikely friendship with dictator Kim Jong-un in 2013, reportedly used his connections to help U.S. President Donald Trump set up a landmark face-to-face meeting in June.

"You people here are the only people on this planet Earth (that) gave me support," he declared in video footage from the gig. "Thank all you guys!".

During the brief appearance, Rodman also expressed his desire to one day be buried in Chicago, with Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder joking with the retired athlete, admitting he hopes his demise won't be anytime soon.

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