Eva Longoria's Stepson Picks Name for Her New Baby Boy

The actress also talks about her new 'indescribable' motherhood and shares that she is receiving a lot of support from her family.

AceShowbiz - Eva Longoria's stepson helped to pick the name for the family's latest addition.

The former Desperate Housewives actress and her husband Jose 'Pepe' Baston welcomed a son named Santiago Enrique in June, a sibling for Pepe's three children Natalia, 23, and 15-year-old twins Mariana and Jose from his previous marriage. Now, Eva has divulged that it was actually Jose who thought up Santiago's moniker.

"Actually, my stepson Jose picked the name," she told Hello! magazine. "I said: 'What do you like? He said: 'Santiago.' We loved it. And Enrique is my father's name, so the minute that name came out in the universe it was like, 'That's it, that's his name.' And he has a hundred nicknames already: Santino, Santi, Tiago, Guapeton (handsome)".

Eva went on to declare new motherhood as "indescribable" and shared that she is receiving a lot of support from her family. And her stepchildren are also besotted with the baby boy.

"His sisters are in love with him! Mariana and Tali can't stop staring at him and taking pictures of him, and Jose is excited it's not a girl. He's excited that he's a boy and he can't wait to take him to Disneyland," the 43-year-old shared.

The Texas-born actress, who is heading back to work in a couple of months to direct ABC drama series Grand Hotel, added that she is also keen to take little Santiago to Mexico once he's a little older. In fact, she is determined that Spanish will be the first language he speaks.

"I can't wait to take him to Mexico, which is going to be great because that's his country. And Pepe and I are very excited for him to be home," she smiled.

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