Cardi B 'Hurt' to Let Bruno Mars Down After Canceling Tour Appearance

'That s**t really hurts me because I felt like I let Bruno Mars down...,' the 'Bodak Yellow' rapper says after being forced to pull out of the tour after she gave birth to her first child.

AceShowbiz - Rapper Cardi B feared she was disappointing Bruno Mars after having to cancel plans to join him on tour in September, just two months after giving birth.

The I Like It hitmaker had initially assured fans she would have no problem bouncing back from pregnancy, but after welcoming daughter Kulture in early July, she realised she had "underestimated" motherhood and apologised to fans as she broke the news of her concert cancellation on social media days later.

"Sorry guys," she wrote, before sharing a few words of gratitude for her Finesse (Remix) collaborator. "Thank you @BrunoMars for being so supportive and understanding .Your the best (sic)".

Bruno immediately responded with a sweet message of his own, assuring her the "most important thing" was her health and that of her family, and insisting they would "share the stage when the time is right".

He has since recruited Ciara, Boyz II Men, Charlie Wilson, and Ella Mai to support him on various stops on the 24K Magic World Tour, which kicks off in Denver, Colorado on 7 September, but Cardi still feels bad for leaving him in the lurch.

"That s**t really hurts me because I felt like I let Bruno Mars down..., because when it came to... Finesse, Bruno Mars hit me up to do that record...," she told fans in a post on Instagram Live. "And I was like, 'Yo, I can't believe a n**ga like Bruno Mars wanna do a record with me (sic)'".

Crediting Bruno for introducing the rapper to his pop fan base, she continued, "I thought I was gonna be able to do the tour (with) him, but when I gave birth, I was like, 'Wow, I can't...' My body is not capable of doing it right now...

"I thought I was gonna be able to have my baby on the tour bus. I was like, 'OK, my baby's not gonna be able to fly, but I can have her on the tour bus and everything,' and then the doctor said it can't happen... I can't break away from my baby".

Cardi will return to the limelight on Monday, August 20 by opening the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards as a guest presenter in her native New York City, and although she has been laying low and bonding with her baby, she insists she's still been putting in the work in the recording studio so she can offer fans some fresh material soon.

But tearing herself away from little Kulture even for a few hours has been emotionally tough on Cardi.

"Even though I can't do the tour, I'm still working my a** off," she said. "I be feeling like every night when I gotta go to the studio, I just be so sad because it's like, 'Damn, I really wanna be here (home) with my daughter,' but I don't have no time to waste 'cause I have fans waiting for new music from me (sic).

"I already took four different business flights, and every time..., I be crying... but I gotta work. I have to work because I gotta feed my child and because I have family employed, and I have to pay them. I still gotta pay people. I gotta make that money (sic)!".

Cardi is currently set to make her performance comeback at the Global Citizen Festival in New York on 29 September, when she'll feature alongside Janet Jackson and The Weeknd.

She is also billed to hit the stage at the Mala Luna festival in Texas over Halloween weekend.

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