In a livestream, the female emcee says she's 'sick and tired' of people who keep trying to 'discredit' her.

AceShowbiz - Rapper Cardi B is refusing to stand for allegations suggesting her managers paid DJs to play her early releases, insisting she has earned her success through hard work.

The new mum took to Instagram Live to vent about recent comments made online by top New York DJ Funkmaster Flex, who claimed that while he respects Cardi's "hustle", he will never agree with her self-proclaimed "King of New York" title because she uses ghostwriters to help write her lyrics, and allegedly had representatives or label bosses pay for airplay from a number of radio DJs to help her climb the charts.

"LETS BE CLEAR.. CARDI'S TEAM AND MANY OTHER ARTIST (in the beginning of career) PAY DJS TO PLAY RECORDS AND SAY THAT 'THEY ARE HOT...' (sic)," he commented on Instagram. "I have emails I've gotten from labels over the years with names and figures!".

Fellow rapper Nicki Minaj also appeared to weigh in on Flex's remarks during an interview for Tidal's CRWN series on Tuesday (14Aug18), when she said, "Let me tell you something: having a big push from a label does not make you great and to me does not mean that you're my competition...".

The accusations from Flex didn't sit well with Cardi, who hit back in a lengthy livestream on Wednesday.

"People always try to discredit me...," she said. "When Bodak Yellow came out... I was going every single night doing shows, 'cause I gotta promote my music (sic)".

The 25 year old argued she would often have to swallow her pride to conduct interviews with DJs who had slammed her when she was starting out, just to try and win their support in a bid to get her music heard.

"I be working my a** off (sic)," Cardi complained. "How can people discredit everything I work hard for 'cause y'all don't know why people love me, why people support me... I can't help what people like, what people listen to...

"You can't by success... You can't buy that! You can't buy love...! I work hard for this s**t... There's artists who have more money than me... why can't they buy their position on the charts...? 'Cause you can't buy that s**t... period!".

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