Easily Sick, Red Velvet's Yeri Needs IV Drips During Every Promotion

The K-pop idol sparks concerns among fans after she opened up about her poor health and wished to get healthier.

AceShowbiz - Behind that energetic dance and sweet smile onstage, Yeri is actually pretty weak. The Red Velvet member opened up about her poor health during an appearance on KBS Cool FM's "Moon Hee Jun's Music Show" where she was joined by her groupmates Seulgi and Wendy.

When the DJ asked the guests about their current concerns, Yeri admitted that she's easily to get sick. "I want to be healthy. I tend to be weak," she shared. "I always get IV drips on the first week of promotions. I hope I don't get sick during this promotion."

Seulgi's concern is also related to their promotional activities. She said, "I'm concerned about my ability to complete 'Power Up' promotions and all activities. I'm sure all members have the same concern as well."

Wendy decided not to worry about her concerns. "I feel like I do (have concerns) but I don't. It just all ultimately passes by," she said, before adding, "But I am worried about my eyes. I'll make it work somehow though. I'm not allowed to wear contact lenses but I am going to anyway. I was given the permission to wear them for a short while."

Following Yeri's revelation, fans have expressed their concerns about the star's health condition. "I thought Yeri's appearance at Hello Counselor is cancelled?! Now i am certain she just got an iv drip when she was in the hospital just now. Why cant my baby just rest?!" one worried fan wrote on Twitter.

Another user blamed the group's label SM Entertainment for overworking its artists. "The way SM Entertainment use their idols, it is only normal that Yeri and other artists get their IV drops," read the tweet.

Another added, "I hope yeri goes and get iv drips at hospital only. Not anything more serious than that."

Red Velvet has been busy promoting their new single "Power Up", which is featured in their second special "summer" EP "Summer Magic". The album was released on August 6 and contains seven tracks, including the English version of "Bad Boy" as a bonus track.

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