Meghan Markle's Ex-Husband to Spill Her Secrets
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Meghan's estranged half-sister Samantha Markle reveals that the TV producer is 'devastated.'

AceShowbiz - As if her family drama is not enough, Meghan Markle's ex-husband seemingly decides to add more headache to the Duchess of Sussex. Trevor Engelson, who was married to Meghan from 2011 to 2013, is reportedly preparing a tell-all in which he will detail their relationship.

Meghan's estranged half-sister Samantha Markle reveals to The Sun that the TV producer is "devastated." She adds, "He felt like a piece of gum at the bottom of his shoe. He slammed Meg."

It is said that Trevor keeps silent all this time because he's afraid of Hollywood backlash. Rumor has it, his TV comedy which is based on his real-life experiences with his former "Suits" star could be canned.

The planned project follows an American man having to share custody of a child with his ex-wife who has become a member of the British Royal Family. FOX produces the project.

"I think because Meg and Harry were inviting half of Hollywood to their wedding, he didn't want to stigmatise himself or his project knowing the political pull that it would have in the industry," Samantha continues. "So I think at one point he thought, 'Maybe I just better lay low.' "

Of Trevor's planned TV comedy, she says, "I don't even know if it's going forward. We heard that execs were toying with it. Shared custody with the royals--that was the theme."

When asked whether the theme is offensive, Samantha responds, "I don't think Trevor would back down on that or think it's offensive to Meg. It's not directly about her and she doesn't have a copyright on all things royal." She goes on saying, "It would only offend her if Trevor shares personal details that were put into character or scripted."

Trevor and Meghan split reportedly because of the distance as the former stayed behind in the states while Meghan relocated to Toronto for "Suits". Things between the former couple didn't work well. Meghan reportedly ended things between them by sending her wedding and engagement rings back in the mail.

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