'America's Got Talent' Recap: Contestants Give It All in Final Judge Cuts

That night sees Lord Nil once again putting himself in danger after getting his arm shattered in the previous stunt.

AceShowbiz - The final Judge Cuts of "America's Got Talent" aired on Tuesday, August 7. That meant the contestants only had one last chance to impress judges Simon Cowell, Melanie Brown a.k.a. Mel B, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and guest judge Chris Hardwick.

The first act to take the stage was violinist Brian King Joseph. Donning an all-white outfit, Brian blew everyone's minds with his incredible skills. The judges loved his act. He was later followed by Yumbo Dump, who was back with a slew of new body sounds. This time around, the shirtless duo performed sounds of owl crying in a silent forest and a fish splashing about on a boat among others. They also asked Chris to join them on stage, only to make Mel B hit her X buzzer.

Dance crew Academy of Villains returned, hoping that their perfomance would send them to the next round. Simon hit his buzzer just a few minutes after the dancers, who dressed like mimes, started. He told them that it was because he didn't think he would remember their audition in 10 minutes.

Next up was Da Republik. They opted for a mixture of hip hop moves and acrobatics for their act that night. It was stunning, even Simon gushed over them. saying that "America's Got Talent" needed more acts like them.

13-year-old Berlin opted for a beautiful song for her performance. Meanwhile, father/daughter acrobatic duo Sergey and Sasha delivered an awesome yet dangerous performance. That saw Sergey hoisting Sasha up to do a headstand on his head and walk across the stage like that as well as walk down the stairs. He slayed it as he didn't drop Sasha!

The next performance was from Flau'jae, a 14-year-old rapper with a message. In the previous audition, she delivered a song about gun violence, a tribute to her father who was murdered when her mom was pregnant with her. This time, she performed an original song about her life titled "I Can't Lose". It was such a moving performance, Mel B dubbed her performance "brilliant." Chris even gave her the coveted Golden Buzzer.

Elijah Holt followed it up, performing a trampoline routine with his blowup zebra Tyler. Later, Sixto and Lucia took the stage to perform another stunning quick changing act. They flaunted their skills of changing into 11 different outfits so quickly and judges were awed by it.

Glennis Grace returned after her son convinced her that she needed to do this. She sang a rendition of "Nothing Compares 2 U" and nailed it perfectly. Contortionist Troy James was up next. He brought a bolder performance to the stage. He invited Chris to join him onstage and it was scarily awesome.

Lord Nil continued to put himself in danger after getting his arm shattered in the previous stunt. That night, he decided to take Simon's advice to involve alligators in his performance. Fortunately, he safely finished his act without getting injured.

Rounding out that night was comedian Samual J Comroe. He joked about marriage proposals as well as talking about how he drove a crappy car because that would allow him to do whatever he wants in the street. He successfully made the judges cracking up with his jokes.

The announcement time had come and it was revealed that Da Republik, Brian King Joseph, Lord Nil, Glennis Grace, Samuel J Comroe and Yumbo Dump would be joining Flau'jae in the next round.

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