World War Two Vet Sues 'Maniac' Producers Over Filming Damage

Sidney Price, who rents his house to Paramount Television for the filming, claims that his movie memorabilia and personal items get damaged.

AceShowbiz - The producers of a new Netflix series, featuring Emma Stone and Jonah Hill, are facing a legal war from a World War Two veteran, who claims his house was trashed during the shoot.

Sidney Price rented his house to Paramount Television bosses for an eight day shoot and reportedly returned home to find movie memorabilia and personal items damaged.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, Price, who flew 44 combat missions over the South Pacific during the second World War, was paid $15,500 (GBP11,900) for the use of his property in September, 2017.

And after the cast and crew of Maniac departed his place, he noticed posters signed by Harrison Ford had been damaged, along with photos of his parents, aunts, uncles, and other family members, some of whom were Holocaust survivors.

Price also claims his toilet was clogged during the shoot and is now permanently damaged.

He has filed a lawsuit against Paramount bosses for damages.

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