Tony Robinson Almost Died While Exploring Egyptian Tombs

The former 'Blackadder' star was shooting two-part documentary series 'Tomb Hunters' when he almost drowned.

AceShowbiz - British funnyman and TV presenter Tony Robinson almost drowned while exploring ancient Egyptian tombs for a new TV special.

The former Blackadder star was shooting two-part documentary series Tomb Hunters when he found himself trying to stay afloat as the water level began to rise, and filming had to be halted to make sure the actor made it out alive.

A production source tells The Sun, "The pumps had to take thousands of gallons of water out of the tomb before Tony and the team could enter it. They were inside doing some filming when the pumps failed and the water level started to rise quickly.

"For a short while, it was looking really hairy and filming had to be stopped. But, luckily, someone was on hand to get the pumps running again".

Tony Robinson Tomb Hunters, which airs on Channel 5 in the U.K. next month, follows the TV favourite and archaeologist John Ward into a ­previously unopened tomb in southern Egypt.

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