Katie Price Slams Paparazzi After Admitting to Staging Racy Photos With BF Kris Boyson

While she admits that staging photos gives her 'a bit of control,' she blasts paparazzi for pairing images of her with misleading background information.

AceShowbiz - Katie Price has slammed the paparazzi, while admitting to staging raunchy holiday photos of her and boyfriend Kris Boyson.

The reality star was a guest editor on Radio 4's Woman's Hour Takeover 2018 on Thursday morning (July 19) when talk turned to Katie's experience with the paparazzi - and in particular the recent raunchy topless pictures of her and 29-year-old Kris in Thailand. When questioned about the snaps, she blamed intrusive paps who take photos uninvited.

"So when you're on holiday, it's got to the point now where people do set up pictures. I've had to set up pictures," the 40-year-old admitted. "Back in the day I never set up pictures. But it's got to the point where you want to set pictures up to stop other people from taking pictures of you and writing what they like."

The former glamour model added that staging photos gives her "a bit of control" and slammed the press for pairing images of her with misleading background information to suggest she is a "party girl."

"When pictures are taken, unfortunately in my case, they pick the worst of the picture where I might look drunk," she said, referring to a shot of her leaving a nightclub in which she claims to have been drinking water all night.

"When you watch my reality show it's completely different to how it's being portrayed in the media and it's not fair because I have children that have lives."

Katie suggested that members of the paparazzi wear passes to show they are paps and not just men with cameras, insisting that while she is aware they are an inevitable part of celebrity life, she doesn't always feel safe.

"I've had stalkers before and I just think it would make me or other celebrities a bit more comfortable to identify if you are a paparazzi," she explained.

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