Jamie Foxx Makes Big Plans for 'Off Script'

The actor is hoping to expand his audience and bring in other heavyweight stars for further interviews.

AceShowbiz - Jamie Foxx is making big plans for the future of his digital talk show Off Script because he would love to interview filmmaking icons Quentin Tarantino and Martin Scorsese.

The Ray actor/singer recently wrapped filming the first series, in which he sits down for a wide-ranging chat with celebrity pals like Jeremy Renner, Dwayne Johnson, Vince Vaughn, and Denzel Washington in a luxury trailer.

It's not yet known if Jamie will get the chance to shoot more episodes of Off Script, which is produced in collaboration with bosses at vodka brand Grey Goose, but the Oscar winner is hoping to expand his audience and bring in other heavyweight stars for further interviews, if given the opportunity, because it's something he's been interested in for years.

"This is a perfect marriage of what I've done for the last 20 years: I have always had people come to my house and do these incredible, sort of, off script interviews without the cameras rolling...," he explained on breakfast show Good Morning America.

"I want to interview the guys that make me go, 'Wow', and the girls that make me go, 'Wow'".

Now he's started to think about his dream guests so he can get started right away if and when he gets the green light to produce more installments of Off Script.

"For me, being in all of the aspects of entertainment, I would like to open it up," the Django Unchained star said. "I'd like to do directors: I'd like to do Quentin Tarantino..., Martin Scorsese, Michael Mann, Oliver Stone, Antoine Fuqua, and then hopefully, if things go right, we open it up to music".

Top of his list for musicians is rap sensation and new mum Cardi B, who used to work as a stripper in her native New York.

"(I'd love to) interview Cardi B and talk about Sin City in the Bronx. It's the strip club where you go to break your record," he told The Hollywood Reporter. "When we did (his song) Blame It on the Alcohol, we went to Sin City. This dude was like, 'If they dance to it in here, the whole world's gonna dance'".

The final episode of Off Script's first season features Jamie interviewing his longtime pal Denzel Washington, and he claims the instalment, which is released online on Thursday, July 19, is the "funniest" yet.

"Denzel was hilarious, and people don't know that side of Denzel, which I get a chance to see," Jamie smiled, adding, "I got a chance to have Denzel sing. He can do it all!".

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