Evangeline Lilly Wants to Focus on Writing Rather Than Acting

The actress says that working as a writer is 'going to be the next thing that I really dedicate a lot of time to.'

AceShowbiz - Evangeline Lilly is keen to step away from the camera to devote more time to her dreams of writing and developing her own content.

The Lost star has appeared in some of the biggest film franchises in recent years, including The Hobbit and Marvel's Ant-Man and the Avengers, but writing is her "first passion" and she is planning to focus on that.

"I began publishing a children's book series that I'm re-launching right now," she tells The Hollywood Reporter. "I published a prequel series to see how that would be received. That was well-received, so now I'm launching the full series".

"But I have had this TV show up my sleeve for a long, long time that I'm interested in producing and maybe working as a writer on and performing in, and I think that's going to be the next thing that I really dedicate a lot of time to," she continues. "I have a film project that's in the works right now and we're just waiting on financing, so I can't really say what it is until it's real, but I'll be working with wonderful and talented people, and that means a lot to me".

Evangeline is grateful her acting career has allowed her to devote time to her passion, because she always dreamed of being a writer.

"One of the reasons why I have such a peace with my age and where I'm at in my career is that what I really want to do is create my own content," she says. "I have a lot of stuff that I want to say.

"I was that little girl that daydreamed my life away, and I still live in imaginary worlds in my mind all the time. The first thing I asked my manager when I hired him seven years ago was, 'How do I get these worlds out of my head and put them on paper or on the screen?' That's what I want to do".

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