'It was really cool, because I had never been in a scene on camera with my dad before,' the 27-year-old shares of their experience filming for 'Greyhound'.

AceShowbiz - Tom Hanks and his son Chet have teamed up to film a new World War II movie together.

The Oscar-winning actor and his rapper son, will share the screen for the first time in "Greyhound", a movie about the U.S. navy fighting back against the German submarines in the Atlantic Ocean. And Tom's second son was delighted to have the opportunity to take on a role alongside his Oscar winning father.

"It was really cool, because I had never been in a scene on camera with my dad before," the 27-year-old shared in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. "Obviously, I spent my whole life growing up on movie sets and being around that, but I had never shared any screen time with him and it was an awesome experience just because it was really fun, you know?"

Chet - a sibling to 22-year-old Truman, and half-brother to actor Colin Hanks, 40, and Elizabeth, 36, Tom's children with first wife Samantha Lewes - admitted that regardless of family ties, he was still apprehensive about acting in front of a Hollywood legend.

"I was kind of nervous at first because I didn't know how it would be acting in a scene with my dad, and I was just surprised because it was just - it was a blast," he recalled. "It was really enjoyable."

"Greyhound", which has been directed by "Get Low" director Aaron Schneider, is set to debut on February 8, 2019.

In addition, the 61-year-old movie star is gearing up to reprise his voice role as beloved Sheriff Woody in "Toy Story 4", which will hit cinemas later that year. Tom has also been tapped to play beloved American TV personality Mister Rogers in a new biopic titled "You Are My Friend", which will chronicle the friendship between the late entertainer and journalist Tom Junod.

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