Did Madonna Diss Beyonce in Alleged Racist Pic? Fans Are Pissed

The 'Material Girl' singer photoshops a picture of Bey and Jay-Z in the Louvre so that it looks like the couple are looking at pictures of the former's album covers.

AceShowbiz - Madonna enrages Beehive after posting a photoshopped pic of Beyonce Knowles and her rapper husband Jay-Z. The "Material Girl" star cheekily took to her Twitter account to share an image from Beyonce's new "Apes**t" video which was dubbed "racist" by many.

The pic featured Beyonce and Jay-Z standing with their backs at the camera while enjoying art in the Louvre. Madonna, however, decided to photoshop the picture and traded the famous paintings at the Paris museum for pictures of her own album covers.

Madonna's caption was not helping the situation either, and if anything, it made it worse. "Learning from the Master . . . lol," the "Like a Prayer" singer wrote, adding hashtags #art #equals #freedom at the end of the caption.

It didn't took a long time for some fans to swarm all over her with fury. "Did you really just post a pic of 2 black people looking at you and refer to yourself as 'the master'? B***h you done lost your goddamn mind," an enraged fan tweeted.

Another fan added, "I swear I thought you were like...you know...dead." One other also said, "Bey and Jay visiting the cemetery." Leaving her/his post captionless, another fan slammed Madonna with a NeNe Leakes meme which featured, "keep saying it. just keep saying it... keep saying it outloud.. and maybe you will convince hope....cuz you won't be convincing anybody else so dream on," written on it.

However, some others show some support for Bey and Madge's friendship as the two superstars have shown nothing but respect for one another in the past. "ANYWAY, back to legends and MASTERS of music supporting eachother while ignoring the fat bald headed fans on the internet that write reaching thinkpieces for attention," a fan said.

Madge herself praised Bey in a 2015 interview. Speaking with Andy Cohen, she gushed, "[Beyonce] is a great performer and she puts on a show."

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