Rory Feek Opens Up About His Struggles to Accept Lesbian Daughter

The country singer admits in a recent interview that he doesn't know what to do due to his conservative Christian faith.

AceShowbiz - Country star Rory Feek has come to terms with the fact his eldest daughter is gay after her big reveal rattled his conservative Christian beliefs.

The singer admits he initially struggled to accept his daughter Hopie's friend, Wendy, was actually her lover when she 'came out' to him shortly after his wife, Joey, lost her battle with cancer in 2016.

"She went on to tell me that her friend Wendy was more than her friend, that Wendy and (she) had been dating for almost a year. And that she was in love," he told CBS This Morning in an interview that aired on Sunday, June 17.

"My first reaction, honestly, was I don't know, because my conservative Christian faith that saved me... That challenges that immensely. Am I supposed to shun my child now and say, 'No, you can't be in my life until you come around to thinking like I'm thinking?'"

Hopie, who joins her father for the TV chat, reveals she could see the panic on his face as she told him she was a lesbian, but he now insists he's accepted the fact.

"The only thing I try to keep in mind is it's her life, it's her choice, it's her faith, and my job is to love her even when it's hard," the former Joey + Rory star adds.

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