CNN Colleagues Choke Up as They Report Anthony Bourdain's Death on Air
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The celebrity chef's CNN colleagues tear up while talking about Bourdain's tragic suicide.

AceShowbiz - Anthony Bourdain's death struck the heart of his CNN family very hard. The celebrity chef hosted CNN's food show "Parts Unknown" and his death has been mourned by his colleagues. One of them is Kate Bolduan, who got teared up as she reported his death on air.

The "At This Hour" anchor discussed Bourdain's death with chef Marc Murphy and Bourdain's friend Michael Ruhlman. "Michael, I was struck this morning that," she said, before pausing to sniffle and regain her composure. "Every time I was fortunate enough to have him on set... I'd always shout at him as he was walking out, 'In the next life, I'm coming back as Anthony Bourdain.' " She asked with teary eyes, "I wonder, is that why it's so hard to process this today?"

She remembered how Bourdain admitted to her that he struggled with drugs. "(He) was also so open... open about his struggles with drugs, with life," she stuttered as she said. Bolduan was starting to talk about how they used to share stories about kids before she lost her words completely. "He would talk about his young daughter, we both have young kids, I mean that, today I....," the CNN anchor stopped talking as she held back tears.

Rulhman echoed the sentiment as saying, "It is hard to process this today for so many of us and I can hear the emotion in your voice, I was the same way when I first learned of the news and continue to be that way."

Another CNN host, Alisyn Camerota, also teared up when she discussed Bourdain's death with astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. She remembered how the chef was a true explorer and that he wanted to go to planet Mars. "He was all about the unknown frontier and wanting to go there and bring it back to us. We had talked about this after his Virginia segment that we are all more common, we share a lot more than what divides us. At the end of the day, we have the same values," she told Tyson with teary eyes.

Bourdain was found dead on Friday morning, June 8 in his hotel room in France where he was filming an upcoming episode of "Parts Unknown". His death was reported as a suspected suicide.

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