Officials at the tourism bpard were upset that the movie doesn't properly represent the island's landscape or culture.

AceShowbiz - Officials at the Iberian Tourism Board are considering suing Will Ferrell and his filmmaking partner Adam McKay over their new Netflix comedy "Ibiza".

The girl-buddy film, produced by Ferrell and McKay, debuted on the streaming service last week (ends June 01), and has upset the locals because it misrepresents the party island.

Tourism bosses are particularly upset the film, which stars Gillian Jacobs as a DJ-stalking 20-something, was shot on location in Spain and Croatia - and doesn't properly represent the island's landscape or culture.

Guenolee Roger, who runs a villa rental company on Ibiza, tells The Holltwood Reporter, "They (filmmakers) tried to film the movie here and get the island to collaborate, but the Consel d'Eivissa gave them a firm no after reading the script, because they felt that it was terrible PR for the island and totally opposite to the kind of tourism they are trying to encourage, which is more than just clubbing and partying."

Meanwhile, the invite-only Ibiza Winter Residents Facebook page, has been flooded with negative comments about the film, with one user calling it "Typical american Hollywood BS".

"I just watched the trailer and had to turn it off after one minute," another said.

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