In the clip, the singer joins forces with a group of ladies clad in sport ensembles to dance at what appears to be a basketball court.

AceShowbiz - After giving a series of sneak peeks to her Twitter followers, Meghan Trainor finally unveils the music video for "Let You Be Right". Released on June 4, the visuals features the 24-year-old singer hitting the dance floor.

In the clip, Meghan is seen ditching her signature blonde locks for pink hair as she joins forces with a group of ladies clad in sporty ensembles. Rocking black top and matching ballooning trousers, she starts dancing with the group at what appears to be a basketball court. The group then moves to an arcade and a gas station for more dance session.

In a recent interview, the "Dear Future Husband" singer called the music video her best video yet. "I swear, it's so pretty and so well done. We have so many great looks that came from my brain and from Pinterest and my team," she said of the visuals, which was directed by Colin Tilley.

Talking about the clip's inspiration, she noted, "I'm obsessed with lights a lot of lights. So I told [the video directors and producers], 'I want lasers, and I want it to look cool.' I wanted cool effects. I wanted it to look like we spent a lot of money, you know? I wanted to dance and show my body, and I did it. I looked bomb."

"Let You Be Right" is the second single off Meghan's upcoming effort, which still doesn't have a title yet. It follows first single "No Excuses", which was released earlier this year. Meghan previously teased that the album is going to be a pure-pop effort.

"It's fun, dance-y stuff with a little funk," she said of the album. "It has an '80s feel and '90s feel. I love those early Britney Spears, NSYNC, Backstreet Boys pop moments and I was trying to bring some of that back. Kind of what I did with 'No'. I love that vibe. That was my favorite kind of pop."

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